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Looking for an English language school? Find English courses. Since English is an important language, practically every language school has a corresponding offer. It is correspondingly difficult for you to find the right school for optimal English lessons. We at Sprachschule Aktiv are active all over Germany and offer you a high standard.

Learn English in Germany – You can expect the following advantages from us:

–Courses with the guarantee of the best price
Free placement test
– Free trial lesson
– Qualified native speaking teachers

Englisch Sprachschulen in Deutschland

English courses in Regensburg, Munich, Frankfurt or Hamburg – we are near you

The language school Aktiv is near you. We have branches, among other thingsMunichAugsburgFreisingIngolstadtFrankfurtRegensburgHamburgLeadsStuttgartandNuremberg.The list is far from complete and is constantly being expanded with new locations. This results in short travel times for you as our customer. This gives you more time that you can invest in learning the new language. If, for once, there is no language school in your area, we would be happy to arrange a private English teacher for you.

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Seriousness is an important criterion for an English language school

When choosing an English language school, you should make sure that it has been in the market for a long time and has earned a good reputation. Our language schools have been around for a number of years and if you google the internet you will find that our former students were very satisfied with the lessons and the service.

Search us on Google or Facebook – We have received excellent ratings!

In social networks and rating portals, people often write about the various service providers, including language schools. When choosing a suitable English language school, you should take the effort to compare the ratings. Due to the large number of reviews, these are difficult to manipulate. This gives you a real picture of your opinion about the language school. You will find that we have received consistently good reviews. Pay particular attention to reviews that are very detailed about the experiences at our school, because these are usually particularly valuable.

We also offer individual English courses for companies

Knowledge of English is also very important for companies. If you are a company owner, we can make you a very special offer. We do not offer you ready-made English courses, but rather teach your employees exactly what they need. Our teachers come to your company at the desired time, so that the operational process is not or hardly disrupted. Find out more about ours here English company courses in Germany.

Our English teachers are friendly, competent and of course native speakers

When choosing a language school, the teachers are an important criterion. Our teachers are all English native speakers with a degree. You can also find this at other language schools. We also make sure that our employees are good at dealing with people and are personable.

Let yourself be classified for free

As a beginner, you start with the basic course. However, many of our students already have basic knowledge and often do not know which level is right for them. In this case we offer you a online placement test . You can easily do this from home. Due to the result, course assignment is no longer a problem.

After the English course you will receive a certificate

Of course, our students receive a certificate after the end of a course unit. This is important when applying for a job or study place.

You can cancel the English course after the first lesson

You don't take any chances with us. You can cancel the course free of charge at any time after the first lesson. You will get back any fees you have already paid.

Intensive English courses prices and starting dates

Feel free to compare our prices. You pay only 279 euros for a 4 week intensive English course.

Course start: Always on the first Monday of the month.
Course duration: 4 weeks intensive course
Dates: Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. or from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Price: € 279 for 4 weeks

Find your perfect English language school.